Friday, December 31, 2010

Revenge of the Bathed Dog

Ever notice how when you are trying to be a good parent to either 2 or 4 legged children, it comes back to get you? I noticed it this evening when the boys and I bathed Moe, our puppy that is somewhere between 1 and 2.  Moe is only about 20-25 pounds and reaches mid-calf, so you'd think he was easy to bathe and brush. Yeah, if you say so. He is a Corgie mixed with something long-haired. So Moe has long, baby fine and silky furr. We have to brush him at least once a day because he has curly furr that tangles in everything, but he is the sweetest dog and so cute.

Ok, so we set out to bathe Moe this evening, and lo and behold, he must know it, cuz all of a sudden we are chasing Moe thru the apartment back and forth at least 3 or 4 times. Keep in mind that this apartment is tiny, only about 800 sq feet. Back and Forth... back and forth.... back and forth... "N,(my 12 year old) catch Moe over the back of the couch!" And Moe keeps on a-going.... "K (my 14 year old) catch him in the kitchen!" (This is me shouting to the boys about catching Moe) And Moe is still running like a lunatic. We finally manage to catch Moe in my room and wrestle the little guy into the bathroom and shut the door.... preventing escape you know... 
Moe is laying down and not helping us at all, poor guy, and N gets his collar off, and I lift the whimpering Moe into the tub...ah yes... here comes the fun now! Keep in mind that Moe is predominately black and tan with some white thrown in with lots of long baby fine furr.... yeah... mouthfuls of wet furr are not what I consider tasty. 

So we get the shower going, and poor Moe goes stoic on us with the most pitiful look in his eyes... he wiggles this way and that way and never whimpers or barks while in the tub. He wiggles enough that as I am trying to scrub his side facing away from me that he gets himself flipped over in the tub and flops flat on his side..... yeah... Moe sideflop instead of bellyflop.... you know what that means, don't you.... yeah.... a soaked Jen.... lots of fun.... especially when it is really really freeekin' cold outside and my heat isn't keeping up with the temperature drop. It is currently snow storming outside with the temperature hovering around 0, and the windchill around -20... yes, NEGATIVE 20. So anyway, I am now soaked in the chilly apartment...

We finally get Moe clean and then comes the rinsing.... yeah, we use the showerhead for that. I have one of the ones with the long hose and adjustable showerhead. Guess who gets drenched in the face.... for once it wasn't me... poor N got nominated to hold Moe still and up on his hind legs so we could get all of him washed, so N got drenched but good. N complains that his pants got soaked from the crotch down and he now looks like he peed himself.... lol.... poor kid.... like he won't dry off. Now remember the furr I mentioned? Yeah, it is all over my entire bathtub now... yuck.... clumps of wet black and tan furr everywhere. 

Now on to drying Moe off... can't let him go outside and shake off since I really don't want a Moesicle in -20 weather and snow. So I grab a towel and dry him off as best I can in the tiny bathroom.... yeah.... really working. Moe manages to escape (of course he does), and guess where the VERY FIRST PLACE he goes is???? Yup, you guessed it.... MY BED! And what does a wet dog do? Yup, shakes himself off all over MY bed.... *Sigh* So not only do I have a soaked Jen and N, (K managed to stay dry thru the whole ordeal... how did he manage that?) I now have soggy sheets and comforters and pillows... yeah.... good going Moe... definitely getting me back for being a good parent and bathing you. So I laugh, cuz what else can I do? At least I am inside and not standing outside turning into a Jensicle. 

Now for the fun part... combing all that long furr out. Poor Moe is a wet and tangled mess that is in desperate need of combing. He has long curly and kinky-bent furr that goes everywhere. So now I also have wet furr all over my bedroom floor and on the soggy bed. By now I am thinking I am crazy for doing all this, but I look at Moe, who despite all this is still being a good sport with no whining or barking, and think that he looks so much better all clean and somewhat combed, so despite being crazy, it is worth it. I end up combing 2 big handfuls of wet furr off Moe and the floor (gave up on the bed, just gonna have to change the sheets).

So now to the real payback. Remember that it is snow storming and beyond really cold outside and Moe is soaking wet, so common sense and decency would tell you that he can't go outside without turning into a Moesicle. 

Guess what the little stinker does on my kitchen floor.... yup.... leaves me a nice pile of Moe poo. And of course, the still wet Moe looks at me and gives me that little doggy grin that says "HAHA I got you back" while I have to clean up the mess on my just swept and mopped kitchen floor. *Sigh* Being a good parent is so hard, and it always comes back to get you in some way or another, and boy, Moe sure does get me for doing my good deed of the night.

Ahhh, the adventures of my life, at least this one is amusing. I just have to laugh. I hope you do too.

Now onto the hottie of the post.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A second post? Already?

I wasn't planning on posting again this soon, but I had this on my mind all night. So I guess I will ramble a bit about it.

Last night, a friend said I was a brainiac. This amused me to no end.... it didn't offend me, but it definitely amused me. I am smart, yes, but a brainiac? Thank you to M for saying that, but I don't know that I necessarily agree.  Yes, I get really good grades in college, but that is because I work really hard at my classes. Very few, if any of them, come naturally to me. I spend hours and hours doing homework and papers and none of it is easy. I know how to be a good student, and I apply that knowledge every day in class. I figure I am the one paying for my education, not my parents, so I am going to get the absolute most out of it that I can.

So many of the students in my classes are young fresh out of high school brats that don't have a clue about life, and they waste their education because it means nothing to them.... mom and dad are paying for it, not them. I am frequently the oldest student in the class, but as a non-traditional older student, that isn't too much of a surprise. But it is still annoying because the kids just out of high school are rude, loud and full of shit. They argue often in class and what they are arguing is generally bullshit. Very few of them actually know what they are talking about. Sorry I diverged here... the kids like these drive me absolutely crazy with their actions and behavior as well as the complete waste of money and education. I know not all young students are like this, but a significant amount of them are, at least here.

Anyway..... back to topic... brainiac... what exactly is a brainiac? Someone smart, definitely, but to me a brainiac is good at all subjects, especially the really hard stuff like math, technology, engineering, and most sciences. This stuff is foreign to me.... I was lucky to pass my math and geology classes at the community college where I got my AA in 2009. I barely pulled C's in those classes,and honestly, they were the only two C's I got. Those classes were really hard and at least half to 3/4 of the content was lost on me. 
My personal definition of brainiac does not get C's. Don't get me wrong, I give myself credit where it is due in regards to being smart and working hard, but never have I thought of myself as a brainiac. I really appreciate the compliment tho, it made me smile, and caused me to laugh. 

Now if you based brainiac on real life knowledge, that would very likely be a very different story.... then I would agree that I was one. It is hard to get thru life to my age without gaining a lot of knowledge on the real world. Knowledge on just how the world works, on jobs and careers, on love and how it does and does not happen and stay or leave, on kids, relationships of all kinds, family, everything in the real world. That kind of knowledge is only gained thru experience, and that I have a lot of. So if you base your definition of brainiac on that, then many of us are brainiacs sheerly by experience only. Maybe tho, it is a good idea to base the definition on a little of both things. I know my experiences in life have made me who I am at the this very moment, and they have helped me in the classroom. I think my life experiences have given me an extra edge or two over the kids I sit in class with, so maybe M is right in saying I am a brainiac. So M, thank you for the compliment and for making me think and expand my mind a bit.

And here is the hottie picture for this post. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My very first post on a brand new blog

*Whew* Ok, so this is my very first attempt at blogging... blogging virgin here, so please be gentle. I have no idea what to say here, so bear with me as I get the hang of blogging and rambling on.

Ok, I am playing with my blog and figured out how to post a picture, so I added Mr. Beautiful here, not quite what I am trying to do, but I will need to ask some questions of another seasoned blogger I know. But anyhoo, there he is. 

Hmmm....  My life has much going on in it... I am a single parent with 2 sons, one 14 and the other 12... teenagers... gaw... soo not fun... oh well. My boys are the best Gift I have ever been given. I may dedicate a few posts or maybe a lot of them to my wonderful kids, depends on how often they amuse me. I should also add that we currently have 2 cats and a dog who is more puppy than adult, so maybe the critters will make it into here a time or two as well.

I go to college at UCCS and I am there on full scholarships (yes, more than one) as well as grants... so I guess you could say I am smart.... well, smart-assed anyway. I am a top notch student that frequently makes the Dean's List and other various honors. Ok, I am beginning to feel silly for going on about myself here.

I am an avid reader that will read just about anything I can get my hot little hands on, I live in Colorado where I freeze my butt off, but I love it here and have found my little (or not so little, depends on your perspective) niche in the world, and I am a total geek. 

I am not sure what I will do with this blog, so I will have to see what direction it takes me in. I don't think I will be posting daily, but maybe weekly or so, depends on how busy I am with life... as John Lennon says, "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans", and man there have never been truer words spoken.

Ok, enough about me.... I think I am going to sign off and see what happens with this blog. I really have no clue what to blog about... hence the title.