Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A second post? Already?

I wasn't planning on posting again this soon, but I had this on my mind all night. So I guess I will ramble a bit about it.

Last night, a friend said I was a brainiac. This amused me to no end.... it didn't offend me, but it definitely amused me. I am smart, yes, but a brainiac? Thank you to M for saying that, but I don't know that I necessarily agree.  Yes, I get really good grades in college, but that is because I work really hard at my classes. Very few, if any of them, come naturally to me. I spend hours and hours doing homework and papers and none of it is easy. I know how to be a good student, and I apply that knowledge every day in class. I figure I am the one paying for my education, not my parents, so I am going to get the absolute most out of it that I can.

So many of the students in my classes are young fresh out of high school brats that don't have a clue about life, and they waste their education because it means nothing to them.... mom and dad are paying for it, not them. I am frequently the oldest student in the class, but as a non-traditional older student, that isn't too much of a surprise. But it is still annoying because the kids just out of high school are rude, loud and full of shit. They argue often in class and what they are arguing is generally bullshit. Very few of them actually know what they are talking about. Sorry I diverged here... the kids like these drive me absolutely crazy with their actions and behavior as well as the complete waste of money and education. I know not all young students are like this, but a significant amount of them are, at least here.

Anyway..... back to topic... brainiac... what exactly is a brainiac? Someone smart, definitely, but to me a brainiac is good at all subjects, especially the really hard stuff like math, technology, engineering, and most sciences. This stuff is foreign to me.... I was lucky to pass my math and geology classes at the community college where I got my AA in 2009. I barely pulled C's in those classes,and honestly, they were the only two C's I got. Those classes were really hard and at least half to 3/4 of the content was lost on me. 
My personal definition of brainiac does not get C's. Don't get me wrong, I give myself credit where it is due in regards to being smart and working hard, but never have I thought of myself as a brainiac. I really appreciate the compliment tho, it made me smile, and caused me to laugh. 

Now if you based brainiac on real life knowledge, that would very likely be a very different story.... then I would agree that I was one. It is hard to get thru life to my age without gaining a lot of knowledge on the real world. Knowledge on just how the world works, on jobs and careers, on love and how it does and does not happen and stay or leave, on kids, relationships of all kinds, family, everything in the real world. That kind of knowledge is only gained thru experience, and that I have a lot of. So if you base your definition of brainiac on that, then many of us are brainiacs sheerly by experience only. Maybe tho, it is a good idea to base the definition on a little of both things. I know my experiences in life have made me who I am at the this very moment, and they have helped me in the classroom. I think my life experiences have given me an extra edge or two over the kids I sit in class with, so maybe M is right in saying I am a brainiac. So M, thank you for the compliment and for making me think and expand my mind a bit.

And here is the hottie picture for this post. 


  1. Great 2nd post. And just so you know... I'm stealing that hottie pic. Hope you don't mind. :)

  2. I find you brain (bookwise and real-lifewise) absolutely stunning and smexy as all get out! Great post sweets!

  3. Thanks Amara and Havan!
    Amara, I stole the picture from a group, so feel free to steal it yourself. lol!

    Havan, that is so sweet! Thanks!

  4. ::laughing:: Oh, Jenn, tell us how you really feel about those kids in class! ::hugs:: I remember the last IRL class I took, what a pain. Yikes.

    This is such a great post. You're right. There is a difference between book-smarts and common sense. Fortunately, you got both! Book smarts can come from knowing that you need to hit the books just as much as it is knowing the subject without cracking the spine. Either way, you know yourself and your capabilities. :)


    Great post.

  5. Lol! Thanks Em! yeah, I kinda went off track a little about the idiot kids that drive me nuts. they are so rude and disrespectful and it just blows me away that so many are wasting the value of an education. So many just don't care because, well, Mommy and Daddy are paying of it, and the "I can just retake it if I fail attitude" is so prevalent.

    IRL class? What subject is that? International Relations?

    Thanks Em, you are sweet! *blushes* I am not so sure I have common sense all the time, but I try to use it most of the time. LOL. But I think that may be how it is for most of us. You are right on the I know myself and capabilities. This is very true, and I thank God every day that I am aware of them and where I can push past them to grow emotionally and mentally.

  6. I totally get what you are saying about those kids...youth is truly wasted on the young.

    Be proud of that 'brainiac' are working too hard not to.

    Keep posting, I love it!!!


  7. Lol! Yes Monika youth is truly wasted on the young. They don't appreciate what they have.

    I am not sure what to think of "brainiac" status, but it is apparently there.

    Thanks! I am glad you are enjoying the blog so far.

  8. I'm glad I had you "expand" your mind, hon. *grin* I meant "brainiac" in the nicest of ways. You're amazing, and I'm so very happy so see the dedication you have for your education. You are proof that if you want something bad enough, nothing can stop you...


  9. Thanks Michele! I know you meant brainiac as a compliment. It still made me laugh tho. But you did get me to thinking on it and that led to this. Glad you didn't mind me using it as a post. Thanks for making me think and expand my brain a bit.

    Hugs to you too!!!

  10. I went back to college as an adult student. THere is no way I could have appreciated my college education right after high school. I was too much of a party animal....I was not a straight A student in High school but for some odd reason in college that was not a problem.

    BRAINS=SEXY!!!!! Keep it up!

  11. Hey Red! Thanks! Gaw, going to college as an adult is hard, especially with kids. I think I would have been ok as a college student if I had gone right out of high school, but I am definitely doing better at college as an adult than I think I would have done as a kid.

    Yes, I agree, brains are very sexy!

    I tried to comment on your mini goals post, but your comments wasn't working. Every time I have tried it, the word verification box would not come up and I could only see the top half of the verification word.

  12. I just cut that off....I have no idea LOL

  13. I love it! Thank you Jen!!!!! Can't wait to read more!!!